April Fools’ Day 2017

It’s that time of the year again- April Fools’ Day or “the worst holiday ever”. Since April 1 is on a Saturday this year brands started rolling out their best attempts earlier in the week. While most people nowadays can tell what’s real and what’s fake companies still pull out some good content. Check out some of the best jokes and hoaxes I’ve seen from brands this year:

Quilted Northern created their own wearable tech that monitors your bathroom behavior.

A great alternative snack from popchips.


Do you ever see April Fools’ hoaxes you wish were a thing? This is one of them.

This video almost convinced me that full-body wearable technology makes complete sense.

Another useful fake invention.

The virtual best friend or therapist we all need.

These are only a few videos from this year’s shenanigans. What was your favorite hoax this year?


4 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day 2017

  1. These were really enjoyable. Although I hate April Fool’s Day and think a majority of the jokes that people make are silly, ridiculous, or ill-advised, I found a lot of these to be quite humorous. I really enjoyed the Trump Cheddar and the Lexus ones.

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  2. As someone who is kind of gullible, I am not a huge fan of the holiday but can still see the humor in it. One really strange one I saw this year was a Food and Wine blog that made a “Hot Dog Cocktail” as a joke. It was like a Tasty video and they went step by step. I thought it was pretty weird, but some of these are funny!

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