Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest

Disney’s latest live-action remake hit movie theaters last week. The film has already grossed over $170 million domestically and is currently number 1 in the box office. To coincide with the release, the filmmakers are giving people a chance to experience one of the movie’s most iconic scenes.


Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal lets you experience “Be Our Guest” from Belle’s point of view. The interactive VR experience is available through the Disney Movies VR App. Using a virtual reality device like the Oculus Rift, users can literally be the guest in a video dress rehearsal of the Disney classic. Users are also able use their (virtual) hands to grab plates mid-air and interact with the world around them.


For the people that do not have virtual reality devices, Disney released a 360-degree teaser video on Facebook.While viewers can’t interact directly with the scene it’s still a cute, charming video. This move towards virtual reality allows fans to get more involved in the franchise and relive the experience.

If you haven’t already seen the movie, I highly suggest you check it out this weekend. You’ll want to relive this tale as old as time after watching it.



2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest

  1. I went and saw this movie over the weekend and loved it. Disney always does a great job of producing quality content. I think it was very smart on their behalf to engage audiences outside the theater with this 360 video and virtual reality content. Allowing viewers to get a sneak-peek into the movie absolutely encourages people to want to see the full production and is overall a successful marketing tactic considering the profits already brought in from the film.

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  2. I think that it was smart for Disney to incorporate the VR with their newest movie. It allowed for the viewers to interact with the different content and hopefully it would encourage them to go see the movie.

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