Game of Thrones: S7

This week Game of Thrones began promoting it’s penultimate season. The show usually premieres it’s new season in the spring but production pushed the shooting schedule back in order to .

On Thursday, HBO used a Facebook Live event to announce the premiere date, but it malfunctioned. The date was concealed by a block of ice and fans were supposed to comment “Fire” to make it melt. However the video cut out twice and after over an hour of waiting it was finally revealed that the show would return July 16.

HBO also released an ominous teaser trailer that hints at what season 7 will be about.

Unlike previous seasons which have 10 episodes each, the new season will comprise of only 7 episodes. The show will also end after 8 seasons with the eighth only having 6 episodes.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, has been quoted saying that this new season will be “much grander” and more ambitious since they were able to spend more money on each episode since there were less of them. So come July 16 we shall see if the show lives up to the hype (it has yet to truly disappoint me), but what we do know is that winter is no longer coming-it’s here.


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: S7

  1. The use of fans commenting to reveal further ads and promotions is so interesting and interactive! Other brands should definitely look into using this tactic for increased impressions and communication with their consumers and fanbase.

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  2. I love what GoT was attempting to do to release the season premier date. Anything to get fans involved is always a positive I think, even if it doesn’t work out exactly. The video is impressive, in that it does not release or show any actual footage from the upcoming season yet creates buzz and hysteria about the upcoming season!

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