Emma Watson: “The Press Tour”

Emma Watson is no stranger to activism. A well known feminist and UN Ambassador, Watson decided to use her upcoming Beauty and the Beast press tour to shed some light on sustainable fashion.

This weekend she launched a new Instagram account called ‘the_press_tour’. On it Watson plans to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a press tour which naturally also involves the amazing outfits she will be wearing. Watson announced the new project through a post on her personal Instagram account.


So far the account already has 3 photos of Watson and 248K followers after only being created a day ago. In her captions she breaks down her look piece by piece by mentioning the designers and each of their sustainable practices. In the first post for example, Watson is seen wearing consciously made clothing from  Stella McCartney, Filippa K, and Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather.


In her latest posts from the first screening of the film Watson wears an Oscar de la Renta satin bustier, organic wool trousers, and handmade organic silk Burberry pumps.



In all the posts Watson cites her information as coming from Eco-Age which is a consulting agency that specializes in fashion sustainability practices. Hopefully even with her busy schedule she will be able to continue posting and shedding light on an often overlooked issue in the fashion world.

It’s time we as consumers began to think more consciously about what we’re wearing. I for one am personally guilty of buying clothes based on the price tag and not giving a second thought to whether the clothes were ethically made. At this point in my life I don’t have the kind of money to spend on consciously made clothing which is usually more expensive.

The thought I always have in the back of my head is that I’ll start buying ethically when I have a good, stable income but who knows if I’ll actually stick to that. I might start by investing in one or two sustainably made pieces and gradually overtime buy only sustainable fashion but for now I’m gonna stick to what I can afford on a college student budget.


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