Sephora: #NeverStop

This week Sephora launched its latest social media campaign: #NeverStop. The campaign rolled out on their Facebook and Instagram where they have 15.2 million fans and 10.3 million followers respectively. The agency Argonaut headed the design of this campaign.

The message being spread is that women should stay true to themselves and recognize that beauty cannot be defined. This campaign allows Sephora to open up discussions with their followers about what beauty means to them and celebrating the beauty in all of them.


The campaign stars 5 women who all have different beauty stories: Karis, a transgender woman, Morgan who loves her curly hair, Cynthia who owns her gray hair, and two other women who have yet to be named.


Sephora was able to take the growing theme of inclusivity and create this amazing campaign. There was honestly no better time than now for this campaign to come out. While the timing is probably a coincidence the campaign came out soon after Trump’s travel ban and shines a positive light on inclusivity.


This campaign is definitely a win for Sephora whose company tagline, “Lets beauty together”, is a call to any and everyone no matter who they are. So #NeverStop being yourself, celebrating your unique beauty, or spending your paychecks at Sephora.


9 thoughts on “Sephora: #NeverStop

  1. I love this campaign! Not only is it a a great tribute to all kinds and types of beauty, but I thought it was really well done graphically. I think it’s great that as a predominately makeup store, they are recognizing all ages and shades of women

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  2. This is such an awesome and inspiring campaign. I think that in a time when there is so much hate going on in the world, this truly shines a light on how beautiful everyone is no matter their background. Great post!

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  3. Such a powerful thing Sephora is doing! This is something other companies need to consider doing: being positive and optimistic in this hateful time. Love the post!

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  4. What a brilliant campaign! During these awful times, when bigotry and xenophobia are wide-spread, everybody should take a stand for what’s right. So many people complain about businesses trying to be political. But I don’t think they are political at all, they’re just being humane. It’s so sad that supporting diversity is a political statement, it should just be a fact. I’m sure some idiots will start #BoycottSephora or something dumb like that.

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  5. I love this trend of companies promoting beauty in all forms. I think it does a lot for the self esteem of girls nowadays and the ones to come. Hopefully, this trend will continue to grow and affect the media where unrealistic expectations of beauty will no longer be what is portrayed and expected from women.

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  6. This campaign is amazing! I love that a well known make-up company is promoting these thoughts. The graphics and images associated with the campaign are so strong, and so are the values and thoughts behind it. Beauty comes in all forms and I love seeing Sephora express this idea.

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  7. I love this campaign . It represents different kinds of beauty, not the traditional standards. I saw this campaign while doing research on Sephora, but I did not look into the background into now. This Campaign makes Sephora stand out from other companies in the beauty industry.

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