Ed Sheeran: “Shape of You”

Ed Sheeran acts as some serious fitness inspiration in his latest music video for his song”Shape of You”. The video which was released this morning shows Ed training at a boxing gym with his impressively fit love interest. I’ve never been more motivated than after watching this video to go join a boxing gym.

The mood starts off pretty gritty but turns silly when in his big underground fight Ed dons a fat suit to spar with a sumo wrestler. The video even has a Macklemore cameo at 3:19. To promote his latest video Ed posted a couple Instagram posts and shared them on all his social media.


These posts got people really pumped about the music video. Ed is known for his simple and slightly ominous social media posts like the ones he used earlier this year to announce his latest singles.


This video along with the one he released a week ago for “Castle on the Hill” (which if you haven’t watched-you need to) were released in advance of his latest record. Divide will be out March 3 and if his last two albums are any indication then this one will be just as incredible if not more.

If you want more Ed Sheeran you can pre-order Divide here: https://t.co/de6ftHgDhA


One thought on “Ed Sheeran: “Shape of You”

  1. I seriously think that watching a video of someone getting fit provides so much motivation. Especially when his love interest is fit as well. I’ve actually boxed before and loved it! Kind of makes me want to do it again. I like how the video portrays them working hard in the ring…but it also has him ordering a large plate of fried chicken! It makes the video more relatable, and shows that you can work hard and be fit while still having fun at the same time.

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