Adidas: One in a Billion

China has always been labeled a collectivist culture. Every marketing textbook I’ve read has described it as a country that does not value individualism. This adverse stereotype has made companies cautious in how they market to China.

Adidas decided to challenge this stereotype in their latest campaign: One in a Billion. Their new global lead creative agency, 72andSunny, took over production of  this video and did an excellent job on their first Chinese campaign. The message is: “Among a billion in China, there is only one you. Your creativity is what sets you apart in sport and in life.”

Not only does the campaign show us that any form of athleticism can act as an expression of someone’s individuality but it also takes a knock at rival, Under Armour. The first scene in the refers to UA’s “Rule Yourself” campaign. While UA keeps the synchronized, robotic army theme throughout their campaign Adidas breaks off and positions itself as a brand for creative athletes.

Adidas while showing individuality still conveys the Chinese loyalty to their country by using famous hometown athletes including Olympic volleyball player Hui Ruo Qui and swimmer Ning Ze Tao. This campaign is the first of many for Adidas as they strive to break out of the mold in China and a good start it is.



3 thoughts on “Adidas: One in a Billion

  1. I really liked the comparison between Adidas and Under Armor — and I think Adidas really has stepped up their game to set themselves apart from Under Armor in a good way. Adidas was aware of their target audience and nailed the ad campaign in China.

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  2. I love the new marketing campaign that Adidas started in China. It is a major breakthrough in China for a company to go against social norms. I think Adidas is doing a good job showing individuality and creativity in the commercials while also sticking to Chinese elements and their roots.

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  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I also have watched this new ad that Adidas made before and thought it really gets attention from a lot of audience. Also I believe Adidas use the local characteristic of China very well in this ad!

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